Dandeli Holiday Resorts and Tour Packages

Dandeli tour packages

A small town situated in Karnataka, Dandeli is nothing less than a paradise for every thrill seeker. Dandeli is like a Pandora box that keeps surprising one with all that it has to offer to one right from exhilarating activities to coming across some of the most spectacular flora and fauna. Who would even guess that this peaceful small town would be a home to some world class adventure activities? In Dandeli one can experience river rafting, kayaking, wildlife safari, mountain biking and jungle camping. The town is situated on the banks of the River Kali making it a hotspot for all rafting enthusiasts. Find out more about the things one can do on oner visit to Dandeli right below.

1. River rafting in the Kali River If one are brave enough to try one hand at taming the rapids of the ferocious river Kali, white water river rafting is a must try! There are numerous organisers of this fun-filled activity for one to choose from and one can also select if one wish to take a 9-km 4-hours run or a 4-km 2-hour run. The instructors are well equipped and skilled. They ensure safety first and make it a point to give out strict instructions beforehand.Dandeli holiday packages are perfect to give memorable experiences and offer you to spend the best of time with your loved ones.

2. Enjoy a jungle stay Take a nature walk through the deciduous forests of Dandeli or go for a birds and animals spotting tour. During the jungle stay one will be able to spot elephants, bison, black panthers, tigers and leopards among other reptiles, butterflies and exotic insects. When you sign up for Dandeli tour packages the reputed tour operators do see to it that all the itineraries are systemically planned and you don’t miss out any important spots. Best resorts in Dandeli do have a right approach of nature with tugged in contemporary facilities. This destination is a perfect treat to camera lens even the beauty of nature is totally mesmerizing.

3. Coracle boat ride Apart from numerous adventure activities, there is something one could do in Dandeli to revive one peace of mind and experience nature in its raw form. Sit back and relax on a Coracle boat ride and experience the pleasant atmosphere of Dandeli as beautiful hornbills take their flight high in the sky above. Coracle boats are light weight boats that are used for river navigation. These boats are made by tribal fishermen from bamboo and the base is made of coracle. A layer of waterproofing paste is applied on it.

After day full of activities, even relaxation is must thing; resorts in Dandeli do have best ever facilities.

Comfort and surreal fun is rest assured when you sign up for best resort packages in Dandeli. The warmth of hospitality is well felt here. You could even try your hands on the home guarded secret recipes of Dandeli. This destination is welcoming forever… so book your stay with us!